Sunday, November 27, 2005

Oh Thomas L FriedMan!!

I am reading your book " The World is Flat". The book is very interesting talking of the new orders in the globalised world. It is an excellent compendium of latest technologies presented to layman. However I found some Information about India misquoted in the book. When you write of the 5th reason that flattened the world, you mentioned that " In short, India is country with virtually no natural resources that got very good at doing one thing - mining the brains of its own people by educating a relatively large slice of its elites in the sciences, engineering and medicine".

I disagree with your statement that India lacks natural resources. India is abundant in its coal resources, iron, mica, sugracane etc and etc. I could enlist several areas where India is plenty in its resources not excluding geothermal, tidal and other non conventional sources of energy.

I think this is not the first time where I met Incorrect representation about India. Way back in August 2002, in one of the editorials in New York times, I read about India averting a war with Pakistan primarily because of the American intervention who had their investments floating in India. I would like to concede to you that this is just an American way of viewing International affairs and lacks representation of Indian and Pakistani views. If India has to cowed down by American intervention it would have gone to submission when America imposed sanctions after Pokhran nuclear blasts.

The entire world knew how India coped up inspite of the sanctions. The entire world bears a testimony about the growth of India when all roaring economies of Asian tigers bursted in the last decade.

I strongly request you to consider the political appropriateness of the statements when uttered.

PS: I have emailed the above to Thomas L Friedman


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