Monday, November 19, 2007

Karnataka Politics - Power sharing exercise and aftermath

In the mandate given by Karanataka, every political party has formed the government and assigned a Chief Minister. Dharam Singh, Kumaraswamy and Yeddyurappa.

What are the other parties that got atleast one seat in this election ?Every party can form a government and everyone can become the Chief Minister of the state. Beware, dont talk aloud, Deva Gowda is hearing. He does not want Karnataka to be a laboratory of Power sharing exercises. Dont tell anyone, if you have blessing of Deva Gowda, you can also become the Chief Minister.

Governor - Rameshwar Thakur - Had you delayed the government formation of BJP fearing the Deva Gowda desertion of power, then I would think, you are a Pragmatic Governor. Had you played your Power game just to thwart the BJP attempt of ruling the state, then you are also another seperate team in this Power sharing exercise. Already we have JD, BJP and Congress as 3 teams elligible for this exercise.

What leaves Karnataka behind? Ofcourse the people and the state
What moves forward? Only the time.
What increases ? Wealth of Politicians
What decreases ? The time for the next election.

I was wondering what could happen when all polticians come together for swindling money ! Right now they disguise themselves into the so called ethics and principles of political parties, they belong to.

With the exponential rate of degeneration in politics and politicians, the time is so near that all politicians, sans political ethics that are held namesake, will come together to swindle the entire wealth of the state. How different are they from Ghajni Mahmud or Ahmed Shah Abdali or British Raj?

Even when these people unite to swindle, there could still be wealth sharing problems among them. May be they can adapt to ideologies like All politicians are equal but some are more equal than others.


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