Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Obama - Clinton - Whose Win is it Anyway?

Clinton, winning the Pennsylvania Primary and narrowing the gaps in Democratic Delegate Count. Whose Win is it Anyway?

Clinton still holding herself for the Coveted Portfolio .
Obama struggling efforts in maintaining the momentum.

McCain's dilemma in whom to Oppose - Clinton or Obama....The best for McCain is to get out of the country and visit places...Thats what he is doing on PAID vaccation trip to Europe and West Asia. Also he is making some empty rhetoric just to remind everyone that I am there in this fray.

Clinton and Obama are assassinating one another and eventually assassinating their own self. Lot of rubbish has already been spilled. Republicans have to simply wait and watch and use this as their weapon during Presidential Debates.

Clinton and Obama are interesting in fighting between them for Democratic nomination and they have almost forgotten of all these repurcussions and the fight against the Republicans for the November elections.


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