Sunday, March 01, 2009

EC to CEC - Navin Chawla - Full throttle

When I read the headlines today, I found that President has rejected the current CEC recommendation to remove Navin Chawla from the post of Election Commission. Thats alright. Congress or UPA has raped completely the constitutional institutions. Do not ask whether the other political parties have raped or not ? Surely they would have or they had.  

What BJP or NDA could do is that make this as an electoral issue. Instead of using terrorism or Hinduva as its same poll rhetoric, they could emote this issue and evoke sympathy. What they could tell people is that Navin Chawla would play to the interests of UPA or Congress party in arranging or conducting "UNFAIR and BIAS" election and BJP or NDA would need the support of people to give them the chance to cleanse nepotisms in these, more than divine, institutions. BJP or NDA would change the old corrupt ways of doing things. Does it sound like Barack Obama's change? 

I have a precedence  for my reasoning of asking BJP or NDA to make this a poll issue. MGR went directly to people in the Tamilnadu elections of 1980 when DMK and Congress joined hands to dismiss ADMK government. MGR, such a charismatic leader who enticed the entire state of Tamilnadu with his charm, asked people what mistake did he commit for his government be dismissed by the Union ? He portrayed the correct or popular things that his government did for Tamilnadu. The sympathy over the dismissal of his government , education of people on the core issues for the election and vindication to all of his government actions resulted him coming back to power with even more strength.

I am not sure whether MGR to Tamilnadu would be same as Advani to India ? But I am sure that going to the people with clearly spelling out the issues like this would educate people correctly on the issues and would enable them to make a more clearer and practical decision. In this Election Commission issue, I personally think BJP or NDA can garner more advantage if they correctly formulate and execute the strategy.


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