Friday, February 27, 2009

Had I been a politican from Tamil Nadu ?

Our Tamilnadu politicans are just capable of kindling emotions but fail to champion for a greater cause. They are interested in arranging bandhs, damaging public properties, making inflammatory speeches, conduct public meetings and rallies, self immolation etc and thus eventually causing public nuisance and irritation. Had I been a politican who emotes with innocent tamilian killings in Sri Lanka, I would collect funds, food and medicine and donate to Sri Lanka either through NGO's or through Indian government. I would personally visit Sri Lankan ministers and champion for the cause that I believe in. I would try to bring the attention of United Nations or United States (misnomer) and direct their attention to this genocide. Lastly, I would not get hospitalized and would not allow the issue to boil until I could get a political mileage.


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