Monday, March 30, 2009

Shashi Tharoor - Chances of Foreign Minister

If Congress comes back to power, will Shashi Tharoor be given External Affairs ? Looking at his resume and work experience, anyone could blindly put him to that portfolio.

But what will Congress thinktank do? Congress would not want such highly qualified person for that position. Shashi Tharoor, himself brings so much of knowledge and experience that he can independenly steer the policy going against the interests of the party. He would not be in consultative mood with other cabinet ministers. Is he a trust worthy of Sonia ? All these factors would come in play for him to get that position.

Kapil Sibal an eminent lawyer was asked to handle Science and Technology. Jairam Ramesh, a brilliant strategist for Congress, IIT alma mater, Ph.D from Carnegie Mellon, was asked to handle Textiles. Shivraj Patil was given Home Ministry. Manmohan Singh, a brilliant economist and hardcore finance person, was asked to handle Prime Ministership portfolio. Looking at the above citations, one can easily infer that in Congress, right persons get the wrong job. By virtue of being in Congress, I am sure that Shashi Tharoor would not handle External Affairs or become Foregin Minister of India.

If Shashi Tharoor wins, he can get a ministry or atleast a MoS portfolio. He may also tend to get benefitted, even if he lose, from Kerala squabbles given the internal bickerings in Kerala Congress. He may ultimately evolve as a consensus candidate from Kerala for a plum portfolio for Kerala in the Union. After all, every state should get a Cabinet berth or ministry in the Union.


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