Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cesnsorship for press

Varun Gandhi, would have made the inflammatory speech, may be for 60 minutes during the election rally in Pilhibit. The news channel IBNLive, NDTV or Times Now (there could be more news channels) have made it as a repeated headlines in the last one week. We know how redundant their news items are, when they get a hot selling news items. These news channels have triggered even more hearts than what Varun did. They would have strengthened more Hindutva forces across India and have alienated more minority forces across India. Varun could only do in Pilhibit where as Press have taken it across India and Globe.

I strongly feel that there should be Censorship in the press too! There should be strong guidelines on the repeat telecast of newsitems.

Will Judiciary take cognizance of this issue and raise a suo motu case against Press?


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