Saturday, March 21, 2009

Naan Kadavul - National award and 2009 Oscar Foreign Film

Naan Kadavul is a brilliant Tamil movie which brings the troubles of beggars in real world into reel world. Pooja has played a role of Hamsavaani - an orphaned blind beggar. She moves you out completely, particularly in the climax. There are so many different characters who have done an excellent job. The weak link could however may be Arya. His voice and Sanskrit diction did not seem to go well. Interestingly, Vikram's Sanskrit diction in Anniyan was also unpalatable. Pooja deserves a National award for this movie or atleast a nomination. Will she get a nomination and an award ?

Pooja is born to Sinhalese Mother in Srilanka and has a father of Indian Origin. She is Indian but has also played roles in Sinhalese movies. She is also fluent in Sinhala along with Kannada and Tamil.

Our empty rhetoric Tamil Champion leaders may raise an objection to Pooja in getting an nomination or an award because of her Sinhala connection. It is going to be an interesting watch.

The next interesting question is whether Naan Kadavul would be a 2009 Oscar entry from India in foreign film category ? The film will definitely appeal to people in the West. One for simple reason is the old conception of people in West thinks that India is land of beggars and mystic people. This film is just about them. Also please note the waves created by Slum Dog Millionaire. Second, film fraternity in the West have worked in Third World countries in humanitarian issues and hence this movie would easily appeal to them.

2009 could be a year where we can draw West to our brilliant movies made in India. There could be some more brilliant movies that can take the place of Naan Kadavul but I would be really perturbed if they pick some worthless movie.

Below is the wiki URL to the list of Indian Submission to Oscars under foreign film category. Many readers would agree with movie on some of the bad decisions that have been made in Oscar entries.'s_official_entries_to_the_Oscars


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