Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thank God !! Gandhigiri did not contest

Sanjay Dutt - KhalNayak or Gandhigiri. A contradicting personallity. An aide in Mumbai blast and now a leader to contest in Loksabha polls. Samjawadi party has got one of the many criterias is that a leader in elections should atleast have a criminal background. Many of its candidates have got notorious pasts. It came as no surprise to anyone when the party announced Sanjay Dutt as its candidate. Sanjay Dutt has dubious qualification of criminal past and proximity with Amar Singh.

The Supreme Court in its judgement quashed his file telling that his case cannot be suspended to enable him contest elections. As an electoral law, a person with atleast 2 years of imprisonment for criminal offence is barred from running elections. If final verdict of Sanjay Dutt confirms the Mumbai Anti Terror Court order of 6 years imprisonment, then it means a blow to Sanjay Dutt's political career.

Why am I against Sanjay Dutt ?

A leader has to work for the people and should not work against the people. He may be corrupt, immoral and so on but he should not have any notorious pasts. Sanjay Dutt has aided the terror groups and has worked against his own Mumbaikars who had / have idolised him. Also film stars should not get free access to Politics. We have so many film stars who have entered politics. Yes, I am against many of them.

Every sinner has a future and every saint has a past. I would completely support Sanjay Dutt if he wants to become a saint but will vehemently oppose if he wants to have future in Indian political arena.


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