Sunday, April 27, 2008

Movie with/on Children

This blog is written after I watched Taree Zameen Par. A wonderful film. Those are very simple words to describe the movie. Movie made with/on children is difficult ordeal and Aamir Khan has proved his excellence. He has silenced many of empty rhetoric of Shah Rukh Khan. This blog is not intended to strike a rife between Aamir or Shah Rukh. It is about my change in attitude on movies made with/on Children.

I was a school going kid (probably 6th std) when I saw the movie Anjali made by Mani Ratnam. What a movie it was. I was really impressed with Baby Shamili who gave a memorable performance. I enjoyed the movie for songs, mischiefs and star cast. I do not think I have seen this movie for a while.

During my college days, I saw Kannathil Muthamittal made by Mani Ratnam. I had seen this movie atleast twenty times. Once again, excellent performance by Keerthana. I was able to appreciate this movie as it beautifully portrayted the complex relationship between a mother and a foster daughter.

During my graduate days, I saw the movie To Kill a Mocking Bird and read the book of Harper Lee. Once again excellent performance by the kid. I was able to appreciate the movie or book for the social issues of racial inequality it portrayed.

Now, today I saw this movie TZP. Now, in my life, I have been blessed with a daughter. When I see this movie through an eyes of parent, it brings total different perspective of todays issues in raising the children.

I have to simply resign to the fact that few things cannot be explained and have to be experienced. And of course opinions do change as time passes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You say "He has silenced many of empty rhetoric of Shah Rukh Khan" which is a meaningless sentence. I have no idea what you are attempting to say. And what does Shah Rukh Khan have to do with you comments about a movie he isn't even in? You're putting him down even though he is not in this movie and has nothing to do with this movie.

April 27, 2008 5:12 PM  

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