Thursday, May 01, 2008

Look, who is talking

Deora has given a clean chit to TR Baalu on the supply of gas to the company managed by Baalu's family.

Rather than opining on the entire episode, I just want to list certain statements.

1. Harbhajan Singh complaining that Australian cricketers sledge and their behaviour have shortcomings.
2. Congress saying that their party is secular.
3. Left parties telling that they work for common man and country's development.
4. Karunanidhi telling Jayalalitha that she is corrupt and he is uncorrupt. Similarly Jayalalitha telling the vice versa.
5. Hindu Newspaper telling that they report fair and un-biased.
6. Azharuddin telling that the match fixing scandal erupted because he belongs to minority community.

If all of the above statements are said with MORAL AUTHORITY, then I completely believe Deora's statement.


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