Thursday, May 29, 2008

BJP made its Southern Dent

BJP has won in the Karnataka Assembly elections of 2008. We know the political happenings in Karnataka as updated in the post tiltled Karnataka Politics - Power sharing exercise and aftermath

I remembered these sayings for Deve Gowda :

1. Enemies are not born. They are made by our own actions.
2. What you sow is what you reap.

SM Krishna and Congress:

1. Two months before elections, he was the governor of Maharashtra.
2. Came out of from the veil of political sanyasi (Governor should not be in active politics during his terms of governorship).
3. I personally thought that he will take the reins of Congress in Karnataka and once again become a CM candidate during the elections.
4. Congress did not name him as candidate because of political forces like Malikarjuna Kharge and caste forces like Lingayat / Vokkaliga
5. Congress finished second in the race but deprived of forming a government because of the numbers.

In the entire lesson of Karnataka, I make the following observations:

1. People silently but powerfully resent the injustice
2. People wanted to know their leader before they cast their votes.

I just wanted to conclude by quoting Bharthiar "Dharmathin Vaazhuvu thanai Soodhu Kavvum..Dharmam Adhanai Vellum.."


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