Thursday, May 29, 2008

China - Religious or Irrelegious'karma'-comments-in-Dior-statement.html

Karma is the concept of Buddhism andHinduism where a person deserves in the present because of his past demeanor in this life or previous.

Sharon Stone - who in her Basic Instincts has remarked because of the wrong action in Tibet, it had deserved a devastating earthquake in Sichuan province of China claiming more than 50000 lives. This wrong action of China in Tibet is referred as Bad Karma.

If China is a communist country, then it should not be worried on any religious issues. As we know, Communists are non confirmists and atheists. This means China should ignore Stone's remarks of Bad Karma.

If China is a religious country, then it cannot be a communist country. This means it has to come out of the Communist disguise that China is pretending.

Come out China, What are you ?


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