Monday, March 09, 2009

BJD - Left - Pyari - BJP

BJD has Left the Pyari BJP for the forthcoming elections. Why had BJD left  BJP ? Because of Pyari Mohan Mohapatra. The brain behind the face of Naveen Patnaik. Why did he tie an alliance with Left (CPIM) ? To cover the mess in Kandhamal and other anti missionary activities. BJD and BJP fought local elections from opposite camps and BJD won elections with huge majority. It understands that it has its own might in Orissa. By aligning with Left, it can get its "Pseudo Secular" image and can also bring the revolutionaries of Bajrang Dal and others into the democratic process. 

BJD has done a very shrewd political move. We have to wait and watch the election results of Orissa and the impact to BJP ? Who knows, BJD can join BJP after the election results  ? As always, politics has a sea of opportunities and there are no permament friends or foes and ofcourse there are no idealogies too.


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