Wednesday, March 11, 2009

BJP - Wet Gun Powder

Orissa, BJD has won trust vote. How BJD has won is not a question as we know how the majority is proved in parliament or assembly ? 

What was the reason that Governor of Orissa asked BJD to prove majority ? 
Because BJP withdrew the support thereby BJD fell short of majority.

Why did BJP withdrew support?
Because the seatsharing talks between BJP and BJD failed. 

Why the talks failed ?
BJD wanted more and so does BJP. No compromise was made.

Why BJD wanted more?
To establish its supremacy in Orissa, to bargain seats / sops at the Center.

Why BJP wanted more?
To increase its chances of winning more seats independently.

What happened in the floor test?
BJD won the floor test.

Who loses  ?

BJP - It becomes very clear to people that BJP was vindictive on BJD. Now BJD apart from development and secular plank, it will also cite the vagaries of coalition partners  to the people. This reasoning is very convincing and BJD is poised to take advantage.

BJP was more foolish when they demanded more seats in Orissa despite their poor showing in the recently concluded local body elections.

To counter the loss of BJD, BJP has asked Narendra Modi to campaign in Orissa and gain more votes for BJP. Will Modi's charm work outside Deccan plateau?

Who gains ?

Congress. The rivalry between BJD and BJP will cut into each of their vote base. If Congress can atleast withold their traditional votes, then they can definitely improve their seat counts. 


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