Monday, March 09, 2009

NDA Losing, UPA retarding, Is 3rd front emerging ?

Based on the alliance formations, NDA is losing  and UPA is retarding because of TC , NCP and SP. Is 3rd front emerging ? ADMK, TD, Shivsena, BSP, TC and NCP have not confirmed its alliance positions with national parties. 

The Key states for 2009 elections are : 
  • Uttar Pradesh - BSP will play a key role
  • West Bengal -TC could play a key role
  • Maharashta - Shivsena and NCP could play a key role
  • Andhra Pradesh - TD could play a key role
  • Tamilnadu - ADMK will play a key role
I am confident that BSP and ADMK will win in their own bastions and for other states, my confidence level is mere 30-40%.


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