Friday, March 20, 2009

Out of Sight - Out of mind

In the 2009 election campaign in Andhra Pradesh, Telugy Desam has fielded Junior NTR (Grandson of NTR) as its star campaigner. It is interesting to watch Junior NTR dressed in NTR's wardrobe and mesmerising people. Maybe, in Andhra the charm of NTR is still working.

Interestingly, the same charm or nostalgic memories of past leaders do not play any role in Tamilnadu.

None in Tamilnadu remembers great leaders of Congress like Rajaji, Satyamurthy or Kamaraj. Even the Congress party member would hardly remember them. The Dravidian Movement that stormed Tamilnadu, its propounders like Periyar and Anna are hardly remembered. The photographs of these leaders can be seen in few of the DMK meetings. Nowadays, the DMK meetings are completely hoarded by Karunanidhi and his entire family. Anna is lucky that his photo is also seen in few of the ADMK meetings.

MGR who mesmerised the Tamilnadu in the tinsel world as well as in the political front is slowly evading in the memories. Most of his film songs had been used up in election battles and has become redundant for the election campaigns. Jayalalitha, in her meetings have the photographs of MGR in the backdrop. She is the torch bearer of ADMK and she is covered in full size for the cutouts and hoardings.

All of the past leaders of Tamilnadu just get faded away. Their portraits, ideals or philosophies are not a major crowd puller in Tamil Nadu. People forget them as time passes. Out of sight, out of mind is manifest here in Tamilnadu.

Where as in the neighbouring state, NTR is still ruling the roost.


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