Friday, March 20, 2009

Darren Cahill - A Friend or Foe to Federer?

It was ubiquitous when Darren Cahill resigned as Davis Cup Coach for Australian Tennis Team that he would become the coach for Federer. After one week of practice session in Dubai, both had called off the arrangement as Cahill prioritized his stay and proxmity with his family over travelling with Federer around the globe.

Darren Cahill, then joined the Adidas Player Development program in USA and will work with the Adidas sponsored players. Interestingly, Fernando Verdasco is Adidas Sponsored player and has been coached by Darren Cahill.

In the Quarterfinal match between Verdasco and Federer in the Indian Wells tournament, it was ineresting to see Darren Cahill in the support camp of Verdasco. Throughout the match, Cahill stayed calm and did not react much to Verdasco's hits or misses. Darren Cahill, once a friend and now a foe for Federer during the quaterfinal clash with Verdasco.


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