Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Is Law immoral ?

Down below are the two newsposts on recent court orders. In one instance the court has rejected the idea of sporting beards in Schools in the name of religion. In the other instance the court has approved a girl's request to be in "Live in Relationship".

Law is blind to traditions and religious beliefs but gives towering importance to individuals rights. Is Live in Relationship, a moral thing in society and sporting beard is anti-institutional ? I find it to be very ironical.


Rejecting the plea of a Muslim student that he should be permitted to sport beard in his convent school, the Supreme Court observed secularism cannot be overstretched and that "Talibanisation" of the country cannot be permitted. While asserting he was a secularist, Justice Katju said religious beliefs cannot be overstretched. "I am secularist. We should strike a balance between rights and personal beliefs. We cannot overstretch secularism," the judge, known for his incisive remarks said.


The division bench of Justice Ashok Parihar and justice G S Saraf disapproved the tendency of live-in relationships but allowed the girl to go where ever she wanted with police protection. In his observation, Justice Parihar said, "these live-in relationships are not going to help the youngsters and are hardly tenable in Indian society but what can be done if a major girl does not want to go with any of her relatives. She is not detained against her will in this case. Therefore, we cannot allow her parents to seek custody."


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