Friday, May 09, 2008

Chi - India

For many readers Chi India might represent China - India, the 2 new global superpowers of world. Chi is a word in Tamil that represents Contempt. This blog is going to explain why I use the word Chi (contempt) to represent the India - China relationship.

China hacking our External Affairs Ministry Servers and other sensitive Servers of India government is the recent headlines. China has increased its strength in its submarine capabilities and has also gone missile in an island ( from which Indian mainland could be an easy target.

What is more agonising to me is the audacious claim of lands of Arunachal Pradesh as Chinese mainland. The even more overwhelming news is the refusal to give Chinese Visa to an IAS officer who belongs to Arunachal Pradesh. The reason cited was that a Chinese Citizen from Arunachal Pradesh does not need visa to enter China.

If this kind of unequivocal treatment is rendered to India, why does India not display her strength or might? Are we going to be submissive just as the way we regarded recent crisis in Tibet as an internal matter to China ? Right from Rajeev Gandhi / Vajpayee / Manmohan Singh, everyone has made a definitive statement that Tibet belongs to China. Why is that Indian Government unable to make China concede to the fact that Arunachal Pradesh belongs to India.

After the nuclear armament of China, yesterday India test fired Agni III which can reach Shangai or Beijing. As a fast follower, Pakistan immediately tested the Raad Missile or Hatf VIII.

In mathematical terms I would term the above news features as following: The ratio between China and India is same as the ratio between India and Pakistan ?

Where is the Philosophy of strength respects strength ? Will ever India show its might against China? This was the reason why I used Chindia (The China and India relationship) as Chi - India.


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