Sunday, April 05, 2009

Federer's loss

Miami ATP tournament, Federer could not control the wind and his emotions. In the rare display of emotions on the center court, Federer broke his racquet by hitting on the ground when he could not volley a simple ball hit by Djokovic to his backhand. There were continuous spate of errors and eventually conceding the match to Djokovic in the semifinals of the tournament. Inclusing this this defeat, Federer has lost one match to Nadal, two matches to Murray and one match to Djokovic. In 2009, he has lost to 1, 3 and 4 ATP rank players.

The long lasting question still haunts. Does Federer need a coach ? Yes, he needs to bolster his confidence and plan for strategies against top ranked players. He just needs some amount of counselling and planning to improve his game.

While I was thinking of John McEnroe on Friday, it was interesting to find McEnroe himself offered his services for Federer. Did you guys remember the speech of Nadal when he trounced Federer in his den, the grass courts of Wimbledon? Thanks John, for playing some volleys with me before the Finals. He has tipped Nadal to trounce Federer then and now he has offered to trounce Nadal by helping Federer.

Whatever it is, if Federer is coached by McEnroe or anyone, it will be interesting to witness another magnum opus in tennis ?


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