Thursday, May 15, 2008

Karunanidhi - Rajni - Hokenakkal and WE THE PEOPLE

Tamilnadu is berefet of perennial rivers that can water the state for her needs. Instead of tapping the own resources, every government independently pursue the course for water in its term. Veeranam, Krishna, Cauvery, Parambikulam Aliyar and the latest is the Desalination of sea water. With none of the projects ever watered Tamil Nadu for her needs, the latest is the Hokenekkal Water Disputes. Who benefited in this entire drama ?

Karunanidhi initially making statements for Tamilnadu which was surprisingly supported by all parties. Then came the beautiful episode of Actors staging protest in Chepauk. Like everyone, I also enjoy my favourite stars coming to dias. I am a fanatic of Rajni.

With the DMK in power and Kalaignar TV fully telecasting the protest of Actors, Kalaignar TV wonderfully enticed the entire state to the TV sets and thus catapulting its TRP ratings.

The next preposterous move was on the next day after actors protest, Karunanidhi made a "STATESMAN LIKE" statement that it will start the conversation with Karnataka only when there is a responsible government in the state. By this way, Karunanidhi has just deferred the problem than solving for TamilNadu.

I am one among those 7 crore people in the state who wanted Rajni to be in politics. Had you watched Rajni speech on this water episode ( and then retrospect with the events I summarised, you can identify the political acumen of Rajni.

With Karunanidhi deferring the problem, Kalaignar TV gained its money by telecast, stars making a mockery of themselves, whom to be blamed for this entire fiasco in the state? It is WE THE PEOPLE.


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