Friday, May 09, 2008

This game is called Politics - Courtesy Bill Richardson

To know more about Bill Richardson, please read

Here is the short summary:

  1. Current governor of New Mexico
  2. Hispanic governor in USA
  3. 1997 - Bill Clinton appointed him as US Ambassador to United Nations
  4. 1998 - US Secretary of Energy
  5. One of the Presidential Democratic candidates
  6. Profile with wide Political and International relationship expertise
  7. Large Hispanic support base
  8. Jan 2008 - Dropped his presidential ambitions
  9. Feb 2008 - Bill Richardson watched Super Bowl withBill Clinton
  10. Mar 4 2008 - Texas Primary Loss for Obama. Clinton Clinching in this Hispanic base.
  11. Mar 8 2008 - Endorsed Obama
  12. Compelled to defend himself against character assasination and Baseless allegations

Why a political career that has the blessings of Bill Clinton go against Clinton family ? May be he would have asked for a Vice Presidential ticket with Hillary who might have refused after Texas Primary results. His base would have been experience and the strength of support of Hispanic votes. Hillary would have discredited his efforts in her victory in Texas.

Now he has to further his political career. Hence joined the opposite camp of Barack Obama. May be with the endorsement, he might have bargained for Vice president with Obama or atleast Secretary of State.

To project an image that he is holier than thou, he has to make statements like character assasination and / or baseless allegations.

What will Obama do ? Why will he not promise Bill Richardson ? He needs votes and support of Big Political weights.

This is the game played by Bill Richardson and this game is called Politics.


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