Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Manmohan Singh and my world of Sikh associations

In my world of Sikh associations, Sikh people are vivacious, down to earth, fun lovers and hard workers. They are successful businessmen, mediators in any quarrels on issues that do not perturb them and winning warriors on issues that they associate with. We can talk of warrior skills of Sikhs in Anglo Sikhs war or in the World Wars. History has given them their deserving place for their battlefront skills.

What intrigues me are as follows:

1. How come Manmohan Singh looks so calm and sober?
2. How did he go for Ph.D in economics ? I am not questioning the intellectual spirit. Sikhs are usually administrators or businessmen than being academicians.
3. Sikhs are sincere followers of their Guru. Does this make Manmohan being loyal to Sonia ?
4. IK Gujral, a punjabi, contested elections from Jallandhar in 1998 with the support of Akali Dal ( a Sikh Party) which was in NDA. Quoting from wiki,

The Akali Dal, though a part of BJP-led coalition, opted to support Gujral because during his Prime Ministerial tenure, Gujral declared that the central government will share the expenses on stamping out terrorism in Punjab during 1980s and early 1990s, along with the state government of Punjab. That eased the strain on economy of Punjab to a great extent and the Akali Dal decided to support Gujral. Gujral defeated Umrao Singh of the Congress Party by over 131,000 votes.

How can our Prime Minister take a back door from Rajya Sabha ? Should he not be elected by people though he is nominated by the party? Should he not stand in Sikh constituency and get elected ? Why should he get short cut route from Assam?

If Shiv Sena can support the below par President Prathiba Patil for her Marathi credentials and even support the corrupt Sharad Pawar for being PM, why not the Sikhs and Punjabi's support Manmohan Singh, to contest from Punjab?

5. The last, as I quoted in my previous blog, he could have done something more to assuage the Sikhs who were badly hit in 1984 riots.


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