Thursday, May 15, 2008

Power Less Governor

Gopal Krishna Gandhi went powerless in Raj Bhavan thus making Bengal government cognizant on acute power shortage.

This news item brings in various topics for discussion:

  1. Is governor needed for every state?
  2. How to handle Electricity problem?
  3. How different newspapers react to this act of Governor?

Going in the reverse order, few newspapers appreciate the Governors act of Gandhigiri and other Left leaned newspapers just state it as a matter of fact without any turbulence. Personally I feel that this act of governor is commendable. If Kalam has established himself as People’s president, likewise, I would regard GKG as People’s governor. Be the Nandigram or the Power Crisis, he has dutifully questioned the acts of the state government.

This gubernatorial position is long criticized by many state governments that whether is this position necessary? Going back to the days of British Raj and trying to justify the concept of having a Governor is antediluvian. I personally feel that Governors should still be there as they are the watch dogs of the state government. They will bark when mischief happens. As adage goes, Barking dogs seldom bite. They cannot radically bring in any changes; however they are still potent in creating a threat and impact to the ruling party. This argument holds well as long as the chair of governor is unbiased.

With partisan politics played for all of these Constitutional positions, I feel that governor elected during a ruling party of state government would behave radically different when another party forms the government. This is based on the trend in most of the states where anti incumbency factor throws out the ruling party. This way atleast for some period during the term as Governor, he/she can be duty bound and hold aloft the constitutional principles.

To the question of Electricity shortage, my solution is two steps. Even if new technology for generating power explodes, I suggest the following steps:

  1. Start turning off power supply when not required - ABSTAIN / RELINQUISH
  2. Start living without power for at least 1 hour a day - ABSTINENCE


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