Saturday, October 29, 2005

Earnest Appeal to the Muslims Kin

Not all Muslims are Terrorists but all the blasts successively are executed by them. What is the use of killing your own brothers at the expense of terminating your lives? Terrorist attack done during the month of Ramadan brings discredit to the Islam and Muslim community. Religious lores have always told of the brotherhood illustrated during the month of Ramadan. Today , the so called, martyr act of yours have brought darkness to many families during the festival of lights. I am afraid that this act of yours would become a spoke in the wheel in the peace process between India and Pakistan.

Sorry Michael Moore

I rented Fahrenheit 9/11 DVD. I could not complete the documentary film on 9/11. It is not the tragedy of 9/11 that made me abandon the film. It is the distasteful presentation and mockery at US President which made me do so. May be what all Michael Moore wanted to tell could be true , but I feel Truth too has to be presented in a manner appealing to the audience.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Hello World

Will you believe this? The first post I posted in this blogspace has not got published. My first publishing in this blogspace is my second post. The second post of mine is going to be the first in the blogspace.

Google has missed my first posting when they had their downtime. As a lesser mortal, I thought my post would get published after the downtime. Eventually it did not turn up to be that way.

Like any other blogger ,I would write only when I acquire my muse. Check more on this space to see what I am writting.