Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Is Law immoral ?

Down below are the two newsposts on recent court orders. In one instance the court has rejected the idea of sporting beards in Schools in the name of religion. In the other instance the court has approved a girl's request to be in "Live in Relationship".

Law is blind to traditions and religious beliefs but gives towering importance to individuals rights. Is Live in Relationship, a moral thing in society and sporting beard is anti-institutional ? I find it to be very ironical.


Rejecting the plea of a Muslim student that he should be permitted to sport beard in his convent school, the Supreme Court observed secularism cannot be overstretched and that "Talibanisation" of the country cannot be permitted. While asserting he was a secularist, Justice Katju said religious beliefs cannot be overstretched. "I am secularist. We should strike a balance between rights and personal beliefs. We cannot overstretch secularism," the judge, known for his incisive remarks said.


The division bench of Justice Ashok Parihar and justice G S Saraf disapproved the tendency of live-in relationships but allowed the girl to go where ever she wanted with police protection. In his observation, Justice Parihar said, "these live-in relationships are not going to help the youngsters and are hardly tenable in Indian society but what can be done if a major girl does not want to go with any of her relatives. She is not detained against her will in this case. Therefore, we cannot allow her parents to seek custody."

Thank God !! Gandhigiri did not contest

Sanjay Dutt - KhalNayak or Gandhigiri. A contradicting personallity. An aide in Mumbai blast and now a leader to contest in Loksabha polls. Samjawadi party has got one of the many criterias is that a leader in elections should atleast have a criminal background. Many of its candidates have got notorious pasts. It came as no surprise to anyone when the party announced Sanjay Dutt as its candidate. Sanjay Dutt has dubious qualification of criminal past and proximity with Amar Singh.

The Supreme Court in its judgement quashed his file telling that his case cannot be suspended to enable him contest elections. As an electoral law, a person with atleast 2 years of imprisonment for criminal offence is barred from running elections. If final verdict of Sanjay Dutt confirms the Mumbai Anti Terror Court order of 6 years imprisonment, then it means a blow to Sanjay Dutt's political career.

Why am I against Sanjay Dutt ?

A leader has to work for the people and should not work against the people. He may be corrupt, immoral and so on but he should not have any notorious pasts. Sanjay Dutt has aided the terror groups and has worked against his own Mumbaikars who had / have idolised him. Also film stars should not get free access to Politics. We have so many film stars who have entered politics. Yes, I am against many of them.

Every sinner has a future and every saint has a past. I would completely support Sanjay Dutt if he wants to become a saint but will vehemently oppose if he wants to have future in Indian political arena.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Shashi Tharoor - Chances of Foreign Minister

If Congress comes back to power, will Shashi Tharoor be given External Affairs ? Looking at his resume and work experience, anyone could blindly put him to that portfolio.

But what will Congress thinktank do? Congress would not want such highly qualified person for that position. Shashi Tharoor, himself brings so much of knowledge and experience that he can independenly steer the policy going against the interests of the party. He would not be in consultative mood with other cabinet ministers. Is he a trust worthy of Sonia ? All these factors would come in play for him to get that position.

Kapil Sibal an eminent lawyer was asked to handle Science and Technology. Jairam Ramesh, a brilliant strategist for Congress, IIT alma mater, Ph.D from Carnegie Mellon, was asked to handle Textiles. Shivraj Patil was given Home Ministry. Manmohan Singh, a brilliant economist and hardcore finance person, was asked to handle Prime Ministership portfolio. Looking at the above citations, one can easily infer that in Congress, right persons get the wrong job. By virtue of being in Congress, I am sure that Shashi Tharoor would not handle External Affairs or become Foregin Minister of India.

If Shashi Tharoor wins, he can get a ministry or atleast a MoS portfolio. He may also tend to get benefitted, even if he lose, from Kerala squabbles given the internal bickerings in Kerala Congress. He may ultimately evolve as a consensus candidate from Kerala for a plum portfolio for Kerala in the Union. After all, every state should get a Cabinet berth or ministry in the Union.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lob Federer..Lob

When Federer's opponent comes to the net, Federer tries to either hit a passing forehand winner or send a backhand across the court. In other cases, he hit it powerfully onto the body of the opponent. These strategies do not work perfectly with Nadal or Murray as they are able to hit another winner or a drop shot. In these instances, Federer should hit a lob particularly against Nadal and Murray.

March 29 - Attack on Police Training Center in Lahore

The terrorists have attacked the police training center in Lahore and have also taken them as hostages.

The men who are supposed to protect the civilians have failed to protect their training center.

After all Policemen are also normal men. I am not sure how they are going to react when thet are taken as hostages. I think they would be better prepared than ordinary men as Policemen are made emotionally tougher.

What this leaves in Pakistan ? Will Kiyani do a Musharraf ?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cesnsorship for press

Varun Gandhi, would have made the inflammatory speech, may be for 60 minutes during the election rally in Pilhibit. The news channel IBNLive, NDTV or Times Now (there could be more news channels) have made it as a repeated headlines in the last one week. We know how redundant their news items are, when they get a hot selling news items. These news channels have triggered even more hearts than what Varun did. They would have strengthened more Hindutva forces across India and have alienated more minority forces across India. Varun could only do in Pilhibit where as Press have taken it across India and Globe.

I strongly feel that there should be Censorship in the press too! There should be strong guidelines on the repeat telecast of newsitems.

Will Judiciary take cognizance of this issue and raise a suo motu case against Press?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New World Order - Proposal by China

China is just proving that they are always two steps ahead of other nations....It has proposed a new international currency replacing US Dollar for International Monetary System before the commencement of G20 Meeting in April...

Please follow the link:


No solutions - Empty rhetoric

Today I read the news that Mamta Banerjee would make West Bengal as London, Dighe as Goa and so on. She has not given any plans for tranformation. She has just spilled the grand plan. It is the same rhetoric with no solutions.

What is today's London ? Failing economy, unemployment, targets of terrorists and so on...It has its own problems....If you take any place in the globe, it has its own share of problems...Instead of transforming Bengal to London, why not make Bengal as a new Bengal....

Bring the new Bengal to the rostrum for her credit of bringing cultural and social renaissance in India...Bring the new Bengal to the rostrum for her contribution for Indian Independence....Bring the new Bengal to the rostrum for her contributions in art and religion...

Put the new Bengal in the development map by generating employment, improving the life conditions of people, stopping cross border infiltration etc...

Mamta has to solve the problems at the street level instead of envisioning an Utopian land...

If Karunanidhi (assuming that he was in power in West Bengal) reads this what he would reply ? There is no need for new Bengal as all achievements have already been made during his rule....

Politicians of nth order making empty rhetoric...and generations of n+1th order listening to these...

Whats there in the name ?

Moving IPL out of India:

It wont be Indian Premier League anymore, if it is taken outside India.
The teams like Chennai Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders or Rajasthan Royals will not be appropriate as nomenclatures if they are going to fight in Pretoria or Surrey or Lords or Cape town?

After all whats there in the name.

Ofcourse, with cricket there is always politics. Please follow the below link for a jist of accusations. Why not Chidambaram give straight answer as Home Minister ? Why should he make personal remark against Modi or Jaitley ?


If BJP accuses UPA of not holding sporting event in India, should Home Minister not clarify with technical difficulties. Ofcourse, there could be certain things that cannot be shared in public. If thats the case, why not the Home Minister take the leaders from opposite parties in confidence and update them with possible technical difficulties.

It is time that our politics should change. It should be more professional than just making slander remarks and getting some cheap publicity.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Next Finance Minister

In the UPA led government, Chidambaram was the finance minister for the first four years and in the final year he was moved to the Home Ministry to replace Shivraj Patil. Manmohan Singh took control of Finance minstry before he was hospitalized for his surgery. At this moment, Pranab Mukherjee was made as the caretaker PM. In the final year budget / vote on account of UPA, Pranab Mukherjee was entrusted to finalize and deliver the budget.

My question is here, why was Chidambaram not asked to take control of Finance Ministry in the absence of Manmohan Singh ? My explanation is simple. He was there for four years and presenting a vote on account a.k.a populist budget is simple and staright forward.

The counter explanation to my question is, the care taker PM inherited all the portfolios that PM was entrusted with. Pranab Mukherjee has to deliver the budget as FM as a virtue of inheritance.

If this was the counter explanation, my next question is, when the global economy is shrinking and there is fear of recession, why there is no full time PM ? We all know that Pranab Mukherjee is overloaded with different tasks, why Finance Ministry was handed over to him?

The one person who will have answer to my question on full time Finance Minister is : Sonia Gandhi.

The next question is who will be the next finance minister after 2009 elections ?

If NDA forms the government, Arun Shourie or Jaswant Singh may become FM.

If UPA forms the government, Montek Singh Ahluwalia may become FM. This depends on whether Left joins UPA or not. If Left is there in UPA, things are difficult for Montek. If Left joins, may be Chidambaram would become the FM again.

If 3rd front emerges and left joins the government, then Asim Das Gupta may possibly become FM. I do not see any other distinguished person from the regional parties to handle the finance ministry.

There is also one more person who is capable of handling FM but noone will ever trust him. That is the curse of Dr.Subramanyan Swamy.

2009 may not be year for Raghuram Rajan but the days are soon for him to become FM of India. I assume that he still has the Indian Citizenship.

Sony Ericcson Miami 2009

The draw for Federer in Sony Ericcson 2009 looks favourable. Nadal and Murray are in the same part of the draw and they may likely to meet in the semifinals. For Federer, he has to win over Roddick and Djokovic in Quarterfinals and Semifinals respectively. Lets watch out for Federer in Miami hoping that he would reach finals of this tournament. As a loyal Federer fan, I would expect him to win the tournament but who knows.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rough for Federer Fans

Losing to Nadal or Murray has become consistent to Federer. These two players are tremendous athletes and target consistently on Federer's single handed backhand. There are other aspects in both of Nadal and Murray's games that Federer could not capitalise advantage on. It is on their second serve. Federer does not seem to attack on their second serve and also unable to convert the break points on their serves.

Federer was unconquerable between 2004-2007. Since 2008, he has fallen many times to the likes of Nadal, Murray and Djokovic. These are new era of players that Federer needs to adjust his game a little bit. He needs a coach at this time to fine tune his game else it would be disappointing to see Federer losing again in semifinals or finals of any tournament.

NB: I write this blog in utter disgust after seeing Federer losing to Andy Murray in 2009 Indian Wells ATP 1000 tournament. This is Federer's fourth consecutive defeat to Andy Murray.

Naan Kadavul - National award and 2009 Oscar Foreign Film

Naan Kadavul is a brilliant Tamil movie which brings the troubles of beggars in real world into reel world. Pooja has played a role of Hamsavaani - an orphaned blind beggar. She moves you out completely, particularly in the climax. There are so many different characters who have done an excellent job. The weak link could however may be Arya. His voice and Sanskrit diction did not seem to go well. Interestingly, Vikram's Sanskrit diction in Anniyan was also unpalatable. Pooja deserves a National award for this movie or atleast a nomination. Will she get a nomination and an award ?

Pooja is born to Sinhalese Mother in Srilanka and has a father of Indian Origin. She is Indian but has also played roles in Sinhalese movies. She is also fluent in Sinhala along with Kannada and Tamil.

Our empty rhetoric Tamil Champion leaders may raise an objection to Pooja in getting an nomination or an award because of her Sinhala connection. It is going to be an interesting watch.

The next interesting question is whether Naan Kadavul would be a 2009 Oscar entry from India in foreign film category ? The film will definitely appeal to people in the West. One for simple reason is the old conception of people in West thinks that India is land of beggars and mystic people. This film is just about them. Also please note the waves created by Slum Dog Millionaire. Second, film fraternity in the West have worked in Third World countries in humanitarian issues and hence this movie would easily appeal to them.

2009 could be a year where we can draw West to our brilliant movies made in India. There could be some more brilliant movies that can take the place of Naan Kadavul but I would be really perturbed if they pick some worthless movie.

Below is the wiki URL to the list of Indian Submission to Oscars under foreign film category. Many readers would agree with movie on some of the bad decisions that have been made in Oscar entries.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Out of Sight - Out of mind

In the 2009 election campaign in Andhra Pradesh, Telugy Desam has fielded Junior NTR (Grandson of NTR) as its star campaigner. It is interesting to watch Junior NTR dressed in NTR's wardrobe and mesmerising people. Maybe, in Andhra the charm of NTR is still working.

Interestingly, the same charm or nostalgic memories of past leaders do not play any role in Tamilnadu.

None in Tamilnadu remembers great leaders of Congress like Rajaji, Satyamurthy or Kamaraj. Even the Congress party member would hardly remember them. The Dravidian Movement that stormed Tamilnadu, its propounders like Periyar and Anna are hardly remembered. The photographs of these leaders can be seen in few of the DMK meetings. Nowadays, the DMK meetings are completely hoarded by Karunanidhi and his entire family. Anna is lucky that his photo is also seen in few of the ADMK meetings.

MGR who mesmerised the Tamilnadu in the tinsel world as well as in the political front is slowly evading in the memories. Most of his film songs had been used up in election battles and has become redundant for the election campaigns. Jayalalitha, in her meetings have the photographs of MGR in the backdrop. She is the torch bearer of ADMK and she is covered in full size for the cutouts and hoardings.

All of the past leaders of Tamilnadu just get faded away. Their portraits, ideals or philosophies are not a major crowd puller in Tamil Nadu. People forget them as time passes. Out of sight, out of mind is manifest here in Tamilnadu.

Where as in the neighbouring state, NTR is still ruling the roost.

Darren Cahill - A Friend or Foe to Federer?

It was ubiquitous when Darren Cahill resigned as Davis Cup Coach for Australian Tennis Team that he would become the coach for Federer. After one week of practice session in Dubai, both had called off the arrangement as Cahill prioritized his stay and proxmity with his family over travelling with Federer around the globe.

Darren Cahill, then joined the Adidas Player Development program in USA and will work with the Adidas sponsored players. Interestingly, Fernando Verdasco is Adidas Sponsored player and has been coached by Darren Cahill.

In the Quarterfinal match between Verdasco and Federer in the Indian Wells tournament, it was ineresting to see Darren Cahill in the support camp of Verdasco. Throughout the match, Cahill stayed calm and did not react much to Verdasco's hits or misses. Darren Cahill, once a friend and now a foe for Federer during the quaterfinal clash with Verdasco.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Kazhuvara Meen lla Nazhuvara Meen......

Kazhuvara Meen lla Nazhuvara Meen......
Of all the fishes that are being washed,
the one fish that slips away...
This is what the above tamil lyric means....

It cannot be more apt for Jayalalitha
than anyone else....

She keeps everyone guessing on her next moves...

1. She is anti Sonia but made a comment that Congress should not make the mistake of having alliance with DMK

2. She invites Narendra Modi for lunch but has not joined with BJP. Instead she has brought Communist groups to her alliance.

3. She once was leading 3rd front during its formation and now conspicuously absent on its launch and on the dinner hosted by Mayawati...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

BJP - Wet Gun Powder

Orissa, BJD has won trust vote. How BJD has won is not a question as we know how the majority is proved in parliament or assembly ? 

What was the reason that Governor of Orissa asked BJD to prove majority ? 
Because BJP withdrew the support thereby BJD fell short of majority.

Why did BJP withdrew support?
Because the seatsharing talks between BJP and BJD failed. 

Why the talks failed ?
BJD wanted more and so does BJP. No compromise was made.

Why BJD wanted more?
To establish its supremacy in Orissa, to bargain seats / sops at the Center.

Why BJP wanted more?
To increase its chances of winning more seats independently.

What happened in the floor test?
BJD won the floor test.

Who loses  ?

BJP - It becomes very clear to people that BJP was vindictive on BJD. Now BJD apart from development and secular plank, it will also cite the vagaries of coalition partners  to the people. This reasoning is very convincing and BJD is poised to take advantage.

BJP was more foolish when they demanded more seats in Orissa despite their poor showing in the recently concluded local body elections.

To counter the loss of BJD, BJP has asked Narendra Modi to campaign in Orissa and gain more votes for BJP. Will Modi's charm work outside Deccan plateau?

Who gains ?

Congress. The rivalry between BJD and BJP will cut into each of their vote base. If Congress can atleast withold their traditional votes, then they can definitely improve their seat counts. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mera Number be Aayega ? says Advani

Advani could probably be the longest waiting Prime Minister. He finished second when he took the mantle as Deputy Prime Minister from 2002 to 2004. His age is 81 now and this election could virtually be his last chance to contest for Prime Ministership. 

The chances of Advani becoming PM or NDA forming the government looks bleak. Lalu commenting on Advani that the stars in the horoscope of Advani do not indicate him becoming Prime Minister could well be prophetic. 

BJP should rope in Narendra Modi as PM to make BJP /  NDA chances brighter for 2009 elections. Sometimes certain individual's whims and fancies could bring down the entire team's  performance and that is what Advani is precisely doing. He is spoiling the BJP / NDA chances of winning 2009 elections. 

As I write this blog, this interesting pattern struck me. 

(The years before 1991 were purposefully not considered as the political scene before 1991 was entirely different than it is now)

1991-1996 Congress 
Forget the brief fortnight period of BJP in 1996
1996-1998 United Front by Deve Gowda and IK Gujral
1998-1999 BJP
1999-2004 BJP
2004-2009  Congress

Are we awaiting a brief period of Non Congress and Non BJP government ? If the 3rd Front could form the government, then the pattern should bring BJP to power soon ? 

May be at that time, BJP will field Narendra Modi. 

Monday, March 09, 2009

Coup d'etat in Pakistan

1958 - Ayub Khan overthrows government of Iskander Mirza
1970 - Yahya Khan overthrows Ayub Khan
1979 - Zia ul Haq overthrows Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
1999 - Pervez Musharraf overthrows Nawaz Shariff


2009 - Could Pervez Kayani overthrow Asif Ali Zardari ?

NDA Losing, UPA retarding, Is 3rd front emerging ?

Based on the alliance formations, NDA is losing  and UPA is retarding because of TC , NCP and SP. Is 3rd front emerging ? ADMK, TD, Shivsena, BSP, TC and NCP have not confirmed its alliance positions with national parties. 

The Key states for 2009 elections are : 
  • Uttar Pradesh - BSP will play a key role
  • West Bengal -TC could play a key role
  • Maharashta - Shivsena and NCP could play a key role
  • Andhra Pradesh - TD could play a key role
  • Tamilnadu - ADMK will play a key role
I am confident that BSP and ADMK will win in their own bastions and for other states, my confidence level is mere 30-40%.

BJD - Left - Pyari - BJP

BJD has Left the Pyari BJP for the forthcoming elections. Why had BJD left  BJP ? Because of Pyari Mohan Mohapatra. The brain behind the face of Naveen Patnaik. Why did he tie an alliance with Left (CPIM) ? To cover the mess in Kandhamal and other anti missionary activities. BJD and BJP fought local elections from opposite camps and BJD won elections with huge majority. It understands that it has its own might in Orissa. By aligning with Left, it can get its "Pseudo Secular" image and can also bring the revolutionaries of Bajrang Dal and others into the democratic process. 

BJD has done a very shrewd political move. We have to wait and watch the election results of Orissa and the impact to BJP ? Who knows, BJD can join BJP after the election results  ? As always, politics has a sea of opportunities and there are no permament friends or foes and ofcourse there are no idealogies too.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Gandhi - Mallya Paradox

At the Newyork antiquorum auction house, Vijjay Mallya had the highest bid of $ 1.8 million to secure Gandhiji's 1910 silver Zenith pocket watch, sandals, a bowl, a 'thali' (plate) and some original letters. Gandhi fought liefelong for prohinition of alcohol consumption and sale where as Vijay Mallya and his ancesstors have amassed wealth by sale of liquor. Gandhi's legacy - his principles, policies, practices have been passed to the wrong hands and all of his legacies are slowly fainting to the oblivion. The passage of legacy to wrong hands, now includes his legacy of material items that he used and left in this world.

Monday, March 02, 2009

In God I trust

Soon after the completion  of the press conference arranged by Election Commission of India on upcoming Union elections 2009, I logged onto the site www.eci.gov.in

The page is not yet retrieved and it is still clocking. Congress biased Naveen Chawla ascendancy is marking the start of concealment of vital information from public. 

Iswaro Rakshathu

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Poll Alliances - Advantage Congress

Did you read that Congress has almost finalized the seat sharing with Trinamool Congress in West Bengal  and Samajwadi party in Uttar Pradesh. This is a shot in arm for Congress that can boost its chances in winning the 2009 Union elections. As we always know, there are no permanent friends or foes in politics. Post elections there could emerge new alliances and sever old alliances. TC could possibly go with NDA if Congress and its allies could not bring numbers to form the next government. The chances of SP going with NDA is bleak because of the pseudo secular idealogies. At this moment, Congress think tank is working very well in forming alliances. 

In West Bengal, though it is a Red Bastion, the TC and Congress can significantly cut into Left's vote bank by cting Nandigram. In UP, it could possibly be BSP. I am wondering whether BJP and BSP can form an alliance. If BSP-BJP formed, then balance may tilt towards NDA.

At this stage it is Advantage Congress because of the emerging political alliances. 

Aadiya Aatam enna

Lalit Modi lost the presidential elections of Rajasthan Cricket Association. Flipping earlier pages of history, Vasundhara Raje Scindhia too lost the Chief Ministership elections. The proximity of Modi to Raje is too well known. When you see, both of them losing their portfolios, it is tempting to sing, Aadiya Aatam enna.....(How many games have you played....)

The translation of the tamil song in English loses its poetic charm and indepth meaning that it conveys....

History of India and Definition of Bharat - Beautiful speech by Yechury

I have lifted 2 paragraphs of Yechury's speech in debate on President's address. For the complete text of his speech, here is the link:   


The president mentioned the fact that we are entering the 60th year of our Republic. The sixtieth year, for an ancient civilisation, is a very auspicious year. I mean all ancient civilisations in the world have and we call it shashthi. And after this year is over, we call it shashthipoorthi, starting of another life, and another life means a new life. So, we are in that year, whether we follow policies which create a new life or whether we go back into the morass of the past lives. And that is why, when we want to talk about the creation of a new life, we need to understand what we are, because these acts of moral policing, these vigilante attacks, these acts of expression of a Hindutva-Taliban, this is something we cannot afford when we are going towards shashtipoorthi. That is why, when the question comes up that we will protect our culture, what is our culture? In my opinion, there cannot be any other country where we have such a rich mosaic, a rich diversified mixture of various cultures, religions and traditions, as we have in India. Jawaharlal Nehru, on the eve of India's independence, in the Discovery of India, evokes the example of a palimpsest – the palimpsest is an ancient tablet on which history is recorded and when the new victor comes, he erases the old history, and writes a new history. But when he erases, he does not completely erase it because it cannot be completely erased. Talking about Indian culture, he described India as "an ancient palimpsest on which layer upon layer of thought and reverie have been inscribed and yet, no succeeding layer had completely hidden or erased what had been written previously".

It is this richness that we have, and if anybody claims to be the sole custodian of this culture, it is something that cannot be permissible. You please go back to our Constitution in the 60th year of the Republic. What does Article 1 say? Article 1 says, "India, that is Bharat, shall be a Union of States." You remove 'that is Bharat'. The Constitution still retains the same contents but not the spirit. Why did we say 'that is Bharat'? See the Constituent Assembly debates. There were a lot of debates whether it should be Hindustan, whether it should be Hind, Bharat, etc., etc. Finally the Constituent Assembly, after the partition, after the communal riots that took place, by its wisdom chose Bharat because of its secular connotation. I want to urge you, what is the meaning of Bharat? Some say, it is the name of the son of Dushyant and Shakuntala who unified this land; some say, it has a vedic interpretation, the vedic origin of Bharat Rishi. But there is another very important interpretation. Bharat is the confluence of three themes -- Bha is for Bhavam, Ra is for Ragam and Tha is for Thalam. It is only when you have a Raga that uses the seven musical notes in various combinations, you create a melody. When that melody is accompanied by a rhythm Talam, you create a harmony and it is the expression of that harmony which is the character, that is the Bhavam, and that is India. India is the confluence of all these cultures; it is the confluence of all these notes; it is the confluence of all these rhythms and that is expressed in our character, which is Bharat. So, it is that character that we need to preserve. If that has to be strengthened, if that needs to be done, you require an alternative policy trajectory – an alternative to communalism, an alternative to the economic policies which need to be changed to be pro-people, an alternative which will keep the independence of our foreign policy and our dignity in the international community.

EC to CEC - Navin Chawla - Full throttle

When I read the headlines today, I found that President has rejected the current CEC recommendation to remove Navin Chawla from the post of Election Commission. Thats alright. Congress or UPA has raped completely the constitutional institutions. Do not ask whether the other political parties have raped or not ? Surely they would have or they had.  

What BJP or NDA could do is that make this as an electoral issue. Instead of using terrorism or Hinduva as its same poll rhetoric, they could emote this issue and evoke sympathy. What they could tell people is that Navin Chawla would play to the interests of UPA or Congress party in arranging or conducting "UNFAIR and BIAS" election and BJP or NDA would need the support of people to give them the chance to cleanse nepotisms in these, more than divine, institutions. BJP or NDA would change the old corrupt ways of doing things. Does it sound like Barack Obama's change? 

I have a precedence  for my reasoning of asking BJP or NDA to make this a poll issue. MGR went directly to people in the Tamilnadu elections of 1980 when DMK and Congress joined hands to dismiss ADMK government. MGR, such a charismatic leader who enticed the entire state of Tamilnadu with his charm, asked people what mistake did he commit for his government be dismissed by the Union ? He portrayed the correct or popular things that his government did for Tamilnadu. The sympathy over the dismissal of his government , education of people on the core issues for the election and vindication to all of his government actions resulted him coming back to power with even more strength.

I am not sure whether MGR to Tamilnadu would be same as Advani to India ? But I am sure that going to the people with clearly spelling out the issues like this would educate people correctly on the issues and would enable them to make a more clearer and practical decision. In this Election Commission issue, I personally think BJP or NDA can garner more advantage if they correctly formulate and execute the strategy.