Saturday, June 21, 2008

Increase Oil Production or Offshore Drilling - Devil or Deep Sea

Offshore Drilling or Increase Oil Production - Devil or Deep Sea. George Bush has asked Saudi Arabia to increase oil production. The answer from Saudi Arabia is No. Bush, inorder to reduce the spiralling oil prices has asked US Congress to allow Offshore Drilling.

What is Offshore Drilling ?

  1. Drilling Oil in the Sea beds.
  2. Oil Rigs will be placed in shallow Sea bed.
  3. Drill Holes from the rig to reach the deposit.
  4. Pump and then transport.

Advantages of Offshore Drilling

  1. Exploiting the abundant oil wealth present under sea bed.
  2. Reduce the dependency on Oil Rich countries.
  3. Can satisfy the needs and wants more readily.
  4. Will not cause spiralling oil prices and hence inflation can be controlled.

Disadvantages of Offshore Drilling

  1. The first oil can be obtained only after gestation period of 15 years
  2. Destruction to Marine Life
  3. Frequent troubles from Environmental Agencies
  4. Cost of oil could even rise as the entire production process is expensive.
  5. Privately Owned oil companies can become richer and puts the consumers at risk of unpredicatable oil prices.
  6. Denying the technological development and advancement in exploiting other sources of renewable energies like Hydrogen, Ethanol, Solar, Geo Thermal etc

What can be done ?

Instead of solving the problem of oil crisis, the Bush government has deferred the problem to later years and creates another furore.

My suggestion would be to start exploiting the renewable sources of energy by

  1. encouraging more R&D,
  2. Venture Capitalist's investements and
  3. fundings and support from Government.

If an alternative technology can be discovered and commercialised we will be able to reduce pollution and also reduce the dependency on non renewable sources of energy.

PMK made DMK to Support Nuclear Cooperation with USA

DMK is supporting the ManMohan Singh Initiative of Nuclear Cooperation with USA. If we look deep into this issue, we would find that DMK has no other option other than to support Congress.

Turning the pages into TamilNadu politics, we find that DMK has removed the PMK from the coalition in the State government. The spinal cord of the government is the Congress support to the minority DMK government. If Congress withdraws, DMK loses its numbers to prove simple majority in the assembly (DMK should have 118 members inclusive of all support).

2006 Election Analysis
Source :,_2006


DMK 96
INC 34
PMK 18
CPI(M) 9

TOTAL (2006) 163



TOTAL (2006) 69

Ind 1

TOTAL (2006) 2

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Rafael Nadal Wins French Open making to 28-0

Last night I went to bed at 2 AM in the morning but got up at 5:50 AM to watch Federer and Nadal clash for French Open title. History was at reckoning either for Federer or for Nadal. Federer would become 6th player to win all the major Grand slams had he won French open. Nadal would equal Bjorn Borg record of maintaining winning streak of 28-0 or fourth successive title had he won the French Open.

I would compare Federer to Lion for his pride and calm demeanor and Nadal to Tiger for his prowess, brutal force and tenacity. Right from the moment go, tiger was at its superior best. The Lion was mutilated and destr0yed in the encounter. The tiger was biting the French Open Trophy at the end of the day.

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Hilary Clinton Paved Way to Barack Obama

Hilary Clinton Paved Way to Barack Obama after she lost the bid for becoming the Democratic Presidential Candidate for 2008.

  1. USA had to wait for Woman to become president.
  2. Dynasty politics has been thwarted at White House.
  3. Clinton plans of contesting in 2008 would be a safer bet after 8 years of Republican governance is scuttled.
  4. History at reckoning - First African American President or the Oldest President to be elected !!

IPL - Who made the bucks?

Rajasthan Royals were crowned the IPL Champions for the season ended. I could not resist making these observations:

  1. Lalit Kumar Modi is the Chairman and Commissioner of the Indian Premier league President of Rajasthan Cricket Association, Vice President of Punjab Cricket Association and Vice President BCCI
  2. Treasurer of BCCI is N Srinivasan who is also the President of Tamil Nadu Cricket Association and also owns Chennai Kings
  3. IPL is Lalit Modi's brain child.
  4. Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Kings made to the Finals
  5. Betting is allowed in IPL.
  6. Match went till the last ball.
  7. Betting stakes would have gone to its wild.
  8. Rajathan Royal Defeated Chennai Kings in the last ball.
  9. Thus made Lalit Modi and Srinivasan even more richer.
  10. Eventually Indian Public was made a big fool in the name of Cricket.