Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Wikipedia, an excellent compendium of information in Internet, could now resolve in giving the core issue, "for" opinions and "against" opinions on the issue. This way the reader will get a comprehensive view on the issue. Apart from engaging 600 voulnteers on removing the slanderous content, they could also engage team of experts to review the issues that are being submitted by users. Unlike Books which will invariably have the prejudices of the author, Wikipedia has now a chance to be the best player in giving authentic information in this flat world.

To understand the relevance of this post, read the article published in The Hindu.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Left to be left

My friend had written a blog saying "Shame on you, Kolkata". After all, why be Left behind, when you can instead be right?I have always wondered why Left has to prevail in a democratic nation. Their idea of communism in democracy does not go well with me. As a history buff, I hate the partisan politics that they did at the time of Indian independence. Nehru in his ideal thoughts fostered communism as he thought they will prove a constructive opposition to the Congress at the parliament. However Rajaji thought Communism is no worth and annihilated communism in Tamil Nadu. Forgetting the events happened half a century back, if you look back after the events of collapse of USSR, you have found no nation following Communism. However our leaders are so fond of Communism that the politburo goes back to the books of Karl marx and Lenin to see the society they visualised in early 18th and 19th centuries and advocate the same in 21st century. If West Bengal beckons FII in its state, Left cries foul whenever the word "Foreign" is uttered in Manmohan Singh government. Just to recollect Cho Ramaswamy words spoke in Calcutta, " If Left has future in India, India has no future left".

WTO & Kyoto Protocol

US do not want to ratify Kyoto protocol. However it aggresively pushes every nation to come under WTO. Does it favour WTO because its benefits like trade and market capitalisation are tangible? Sustainable development with the ecosystem is however intangible.