Thursday, May 29, 2008

BJP made its Southern Dent

BJP has won in the Karnataka Assembly elections of 2008. We know the political happenings in Karnataka as updated in the post tiltled Karnataka Politics - Power sharing exercise and aftermath

I remembered these sayings for Deve Gowda :

1. Enemies are not born. They are made by our own actions.
2. What you sow is what you reap.

SM Krishna and Congress:

1. Two months before elections, he was the governor of Maharashtra.
2. Came out of from the veil of political sanyasi (Governor should not be in active politics during his terms of governorship).
3. I personally thought that he will take the reins of Congress in Karnataka and once again become a CM candidate during the elections.
4. Congress did not name him as candidate because of political forces like Malikarjuna Kharge and caste forces like Lingayat / Vokkaliga
5. Congress finished second in the race but deprived of forming a government because of the numbers.

In the entire lesson of Karnataka, I make the following observations:

1. People silently but powerfully resent the injustice
2. People wanted to know their leader before they cast their votes.

I just wanted to conclude by quoting Bharthiar "Dharmathin Vaazhuvu thanai Soodhu Kavvum..Dharmam Adhanai Vellum.."

China - Religious or Irrelegious'karma'-comments-in-Dior-statement.html

Karma is the concept of Buddhism andHinduism where a person deserves in the present because of his past demeanor in this life or previous.

Sharon Stone - who in her Basic Instincts has remarked because of the wrong action in Tibet, it had deserved a devastating earthquake in Sichuan province of China claiming more than 50000 lives. This wrong action of China in Tibet is referred as Bad Karma.

If China is a communist country, then it should not be worried on any religious issues. As we know, Communists are non confirmists and atheists. This means China should ignore Stone's remarks of Bad Karma.

If China is a religious country, then it cannot be a communist country. This means it has to come out of the Communist disguise that China is pretending.

Come out China, What are you ?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Power Less Governor

Gopal Krishna Gandhi went powerless in Raj Bhavan thus making Bengal government cognizant on acute power shortage.

This news item brings in various topics for discussion:

  1. Is governor needed for every state?
  2. How to handle Electricity problem?
  3. How different newspapers react to this act of Governor?

Going in the reverse order, few newspapers appreciate the Governors act of Gandhigiri and other Left leaned newspapers just state it as a matter of fact without any turbulence. Personally I feel that this act of governor is commendable. If Kalam has established himself as People’s president, likewise, I would regard GKG as People’s governor. Be the Nandigram or the Power Crisis, he has dutifully questioned the acts of the state government.

This gubernatorial position is long criticized by many state governments that whether is this position necessary? Going back to the days of British Raj and trying to justify the concept of having a Governor is antediluvian. I personally feel that Governors should still be there as they are the watch dogs of the state government. They will bark when mischief happens. As adage goes, Barking dogs seldom bite. They cannot radically bring in any changes; however they are still potent in creating a threat and impact to the ruling party. This argument holds well as long as the chair of governor is unbiased.

With partisan politics played for all of these Constitutional positions, I feel that governor elected during a ruling party of state government would behave radically different when another party forms the government. This is based on the trend in most of the states where anti incumbency factor throws out the ruling party. This way atleast for some period during the term as Governor, he/she can be duty bound and hold aloft the constitutional principles.

To the question of Electricity shortage, my solution is two steps. Even if new technology for generating power explodes, I suggest the following steps:

  1. Start turning off power supply when not required - ABSTAIN / RELINQUISH
  2. Start living without power for at least 1 hour a day - ABSTINENCE

Karunanidhi - Rajni - Hokenakkal and WE THE PEOPLE

Tamilnadu is berefet of perennial rivers that can water the state for her needs. Instead of tapping the own resources, every government independently pursue the course for water in its term. Veeranam, Krishna, Cauvery, Parambikulam Aliyar and the latest is the Desalination of sea water. With none of the projects ever watered Tamil Nadu for her needs, the latest is the Hokenekkal Water Disputes. Who benefited in this entire drama ?

Karunanidhi initially making statements for Tamilnadu which was surprisingly supported by all parties. Then came the beautiful episode of Actors staging protest in Chepauk. Like everyone, I also enjoy my favourite stars coming to dias. I am a fanatic of Rajni.

With the DMK in power and Kalaignar TV fully telecasting the protest of Actors, Kalaignar TV wonderfully enticed the entire state to the TV sets and thus catapulting its TRP ratings.

The next preposterous move was on the next day after actors protest, Karunanidhi made a "STATESMAN LIKE" statement that it will start the conversation with Karnataka only when there is a responsible government in the state. By this way, Karunanidhi has just deferred the problem than solving for TamilNadu.

I am one among those 7 crore people in the state who wanted Rajni to be in politics. Had you watched Rajni speech on this water episode ( and then retrospect with the events I summarised, you can identify the political acumen of Rajni.

With Karunanidhi deferring the problem, Kalaignar TV gained its money by telecast, stars making a mockery of themselves, whom to be blamed for this entire fiasco in the state? It is WE THE PEOPLE.

Friday, May 09, 2008

This game is called Politics - Courtesy Bill Richardson

To know more about Bill Richardson, please read

Here is the short summary:

  1. Current governor of New Mexico
  2. Hispanic governor in USA
  3. 1997 - Bill Clinton appointed him as US Ambassador to United Nations
  4. 1998 - US Secretary of Energy
  5. One of the Presidential Democratic candidates
  6. Profile with wide Political and International relationship expertise
  7. Large Hispanic support base
  8. Jan 2008 - Dropped his presidential ambitions
  9. Feb 2008 - Bill Richardson watched Super Bowl withBill Clinton
  10. Mar 4 2008 - Texas Primary Loss for Obama. Clinton Clinching in this Hispanic base.
  11. Mar 8 2008 - Endorsed Obama
  12. Compelled to defend himself against character assasination and Baseless allegations

Why a political career that has the blessings of Bill Clinton go against Clinton family ? May be he would have asked for a Vice Presidential ticket with Hillary who might have refused after Texas Primary results. His base would have been experience and the strength of support of Hispanic votes. Hillary would have discredited his efforts in her victory in Texas.

Now he has to further his political career. Hence joined the opposite camp of Barack Obama. May be with the endorsement, he might have bargained for Vice president with Obama or atleast Secretary of State.

To project an image that he is holier than thou, he has to make statements like character assasination and / or baseless allegations.

What will Obama do ? Why will he not promise Bill Richardson ? He needs votes and support of Big Political weights.

This is the game played by Bill Richardson and this game is called Politics.

Chi - India

For many readers Chi India might represent China - India, the 2 new global superpowers of world. Chi is a word in Tamil that represents Contempt. This blog is going to explain why I use the word Chi (contempt) to represent the India - China relationship.

China hacking our External Affairs Ministry Servers and other sensitive Servers of India government is the recent headlines. China has increased its strength in its submarine capabilities and has also gone missile in an island ( from which Indian mainland could be an easy target.

What is more agonising to me is the audacious claim of lands of Arunachal Pradesh as Chinese mainland. The even more overwhelming news is the refusal to give Chinese Visa to an IAS officer who belongs to Arunachal Pradesh. The reason cited was that a Chinese Citizen from Arunachal Pradesh does not need visa to enter China.

If this kind of unequivocal treatment is rendered to India, why does India not display her strength or might? Are we going to be submissive just as the way we regarded recent crisis in Tibet as an internal matter to China ? Right from Rajeev Gandhi / Vajpayee / Manmohan Singh, everyone has made a definitive statement that Tibet belongs to China. Why is that Indian Government unable to make China concede to the fact that Arunachal Pradesh belongs to India.

After the nuclear armament of China, yesterday India test fired Agni III which can reach Shangai or Beijing. As a fast follower, Pakistan immediately tested the Raad Missile or Hatf VIII.

In mathematical terms I would term the above news features as following: The ratio between China and India is same as the ratio between India and Pakistan ?

Where is the Philosophy of strength respects strength ? Will ever India show its might against China? This was the reason why I used Chindia (The China and India relationship) as Chi - India.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Rice Cries

Costco , Sams Club or any other home departmental stores are curtailing the number of rice bags sold to their customer. Rice in Demand. Yesterday, George Bush has stated that India is responsible for this rice crisis.

Being a predominantly rice eater from my birth, I am loyalist to a particular brand of rice. Likewise, across globe, I understand that people are loyal to their brand.

In India, with surging Inflation (which ofcourse, is a double emphasis) to 7.75 %, the government is restricting the export on rice and pulses. This in way makes these commodities available to domestic market. Ofcourse, with burgeoning population, it is difficult to meet the demand. However because of export curbs, there is an increase in supply. This is the basis for UPA to check on price rise.

Indian diaspora is responsible for introducing Indian brands of food and commodities to the globe. With the world whet its appetite to Indian brands, it becomes difficult to meet the supply at all the times.

What it means to India ? India can temporarily gain on exports by increasing the price but in the long run, India might lose to any other Rice producing country, if the same quality or superior quality is found.

What it means in Stock Market ? If rice is traded in futures and options, it will be an interesting watch.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Look, who is talking

Deora has given a clean chit to TR Baalu on the supply of gas to the company managed by Baalu's family.

Rather than opining on the entire episode, I just want to list certain statements.

1. Harbhajan Singh complaining that Australian cricketers sledge and their behaviour have shortcomings.
2. Congress saying that their party is secular.
3. Left parties telling that they work for common man and country's development.
4. Karunanidhi telling Jayalalitha that she is corrupt and he is uncorrupt. Similarly Jayalalitha telling the vice versa.
5. Hindu Newspaper telling that they report fair and un-biased.
6. Azharuddin telling that the match fixing scandal erupted because he belongs to minority community.

If all of the above statements are said with MORAL AUTHORITY, then I completely believe Deora's statement.

President's First Foreign Trip

Our president's trip to Brazil. Total chaos, thats what I read in newspaper. Bad planning by our Indian delegates. Poor strength of audience for the Presidents' Speech in joint session of both the houses in Brazil's Parliament. Son going to Miami with total breach of securiy.

What to say ? Whose money is spent on all of these luxurious trips ? If it is my tax money, then , I have to tell my President that she has to earn her Presidential life.